Course Procedures


Electric Fence Novice Training


  • Price R3,850 Including VAT
  • 5 Days Novice Training


Day 1 - Receive Learner Guide and do Unit Standard theory: 244332, 244323, 244328 and 244329.

Day 2  - Continue theory for Unit Standard 244321, 244326 and 244336, and receive a log book.

Day 3 - Student will be placed with a mentor to go out into the Electric Fence field for 4 months.

Day 4 - Portfolio of Evidence to be handed in, logbook to be signed by Assessor and Theory test.

Day 5 - Practical test.


After completing the Novice Training Course, EWSETA will issue a letter addressed to Mr. Laubscher for the Certificate of Compliance.





Short Electronic course (s)


  • Price R1,650-00 Including VAT
  • 5 Days Course


Day 1 - Unfold the learner guide

  • Index
  • Induction (Explain building regulations and course information)
  • Safe Talk (Personal protective equipment and safe work practices)
  • Hand tools
  • Power tools
  • Start unfolding the learner guide

Day 2 - Theory

  • Learners to select tools required
  • Continue with the learner guide

Day 3 - Theory

  • Finish with the learner guide
  • Theory test

Day 4 - Practical

  • Learners will identify the components used for practical

Day 5 - Practical test

  • Complete the checklist


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