Electric Fence Courses


Electric Fence RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)


Requirements and Pricing

  • 2 Years’ experience OR 5 installations
  • Price R2,850 Including VAT


Day 1 - Come in for Pre-assessment test (Diagnostic Test) +/- 1 hour (go home) passing rate 70 %
Per-assessment test will be marked by the assessor, with a result of Competent or Not Yet Competent.

Day 2 - Receive a Portfolio of Evidence (POE) unfold Portfolio of Evidence with facilitator

Day 3 - Practical test and Rules and Regulations

Day 4 - +/- 1 week later Portfolio of Evidence hand in and unseen Theory test

Understanding Competent and Not Yet Competent:

  • Competent Is the Passing to attend the Recognition of Prior Learning course
  • Not Yet Competent Will receive a letter stating Not Yet Competent, can attend the Learnership course (4 months/5 days)

After completing the RPL Course, EWSETA will issue a letter addressed to Mr. Laubscher for the Certificate of Compliance.


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